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Indies and Micros (I shorten that to I&M all the time now) is an independent site focused on the independent and microbrand watch world.

Indies and Micros, you say?

Yeah, I know – what exactly constitutes an “independent” or “microbrand” watch can be somewhat subjective. For example, is Christopher Ward still a microbrand? How about Farer? Better yet, how about Oris?

Maybe. Maybe they’re not so “micro” anymore, but they certainly are independent makers. So, for that matter, are luxury makers like Moser and Parmigiani Fleurier. Will I cover timepieces right alongside, say, Spinnaker? 

You betcha. With caveats.

Moser, let’s say, doesn’t have much in common with a smaller brand like Traska other than the fact that neither company is held by a large conglomerate like the Swatch group. No hate on Swatch; I’m still lusting after the MoonSwatch. But there are some really interesting things happening at the independent sector at both ends of the price range – not to mention some really kick-ass stuff happening in the mid-range stuff at shops like the aforementioned Chris Ward and Farer.

So, yeah, I’ll cover it all. And, occasionally, I’ll add or remove a company from the list of companies I cover. At some point I’ll probably publish a full database of model/companies I intend on covering.

But for now, kick back, relax, enjoy the content.

Feel free to drop us a line, too.

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